Why I Shoot Film



Yeap, I have completely abandoned digital photography. No, I’m not a purist and no, I’m not a film snob. I just don’t enjoy digital photography as much. The output’s too perfect, too flawless…the pictures come out so clean. Frankly it bores me. And I also think it made me lazy and complacent.


I like the look of film: the grain, the dust, the textures, but I also enjoy the process of developing negatives.


I develop black and white negatives at home, with either Rodinal or caffenol, depending on the look I’m trying to achieve. It’s messy and time-consuming (developing film can take as long as 45 minutes on some days), but its rewarding. Even the mistakes look nice. Point is, with all the hours you put in, you realize that photography isn’t a cakewalk. And it can be very frustrating. But it makes you appreciate the art form, and it makes you work just a little harder.


This is a natural progression for me (I think). From the amateurish, DLSR-wielding TG of two/three years ago. I prefer to take risks now, and I’m not scared to try new things. And with film being such an unpredictable medium, it makes it all the more exciting.