Love Story (Poetry)


I lay my head

in the space where you slept

I feel the weight of your memory

your kiss

the smell of your arms, and

the way you speak:


And do you remember when you

threw me against the wall

slapped my face

choked me and called me names

when you spat at my feet

and rubbed the mud on my cheeks

when you told me to sit down

while I watched you leave.


–Words by Teegee Villanueva


Mother (Poetry)


Mistress of the bad seed
come down, come down
wherever you are
I’m sorry–I didn’t mean to hurt you
did I squeeze your neck too tight?
Pushed you around too much?
Did I make you feel like a doormat?
Neon and pink, with glitter.
It’s my fault, my mistress,
never yours
I am I was
accountable for everything


Words and photographs by Teegee Villanueva, 2016. Photographed at Amlan, Negros Oriental, Philippines.

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