The Bored (Photography)


I sit at cafes, observing the goings-on of the bored. There’s a woman outside, eating madeleines on the fly; she’s distracted by something on her little magic box; totally unaware of the world. When did people become so mindless, when did a cigarette become a means to escape, a means to forget, to pass time when time drawls on listlessly. I thought smoking was glamorous, something only the really rich enjoyed between gossip and cups of cafe au lait.

For breakfast I ordered croissant, large enough and worth the price of admission. I paired it with a panini stuffed with chicken, greens and something Italian . No coffee for me. I wonder about how my day will go, will it go well? Will it rain? Will I laze in the chaise by the window and read something rote: like a novel written forever ago, set in some English backwater, about a lonely wife and her tepid husband.

Silly. But all I really want to do is drive, to some distant place, fly to some distant planet, join a cabal of witches in the woods, and sing a Talmud song, and praise a God who can give me whatever I want, and more.



Photography by Teegee Villanueva 


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