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I forget that we are just friends now. Just friends. Still I contact you almost all the time. Why can’t I quit you?

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Notes on a Suicide (Poetry)


Let me linger for a moment

Let me remember

Let me find wisdom in the waves

Let me drown in it.


I can hear the water curling at the seams

pockets, pockets, full of stones

a walk, a hop, a body it seems

floating lifeless in the water

and lifeless it drifts to shore

Words and photography by Teegee Villanueva

The Giving Tree, Part 1 (Poetry)


You were always the one

you always took precedence

over everything

my soul

my heart

and yet you remain quiet

absent and defiant


what have i done?


Did I hurt you

–on purpose?

Did I make you feel small

–on purpose?

Was it my silence?

My disregard?

My carelessness?

Answer me.



Artworks by Dyck Cedino, Poetry by Teegee Villanueva

Spurn (Poetry)


Are you really worth the trouble

The wait

The glory and the devotion?

Are you a religion

A god, my God?

My savior and redeemer?


Like a seed

Implanted in rich soil

You sprout out tendrils

That reach out;

they come at me

With knives,

they hold me hostage


You play with my emotions

And what a cruel thing to do—

Who the fuck do you think you are?


Words, photography by Teegee Villanueva