Day 2 of 100: Destroying Gender


This post is part of an ongoing series.

“He’s cute”, I said, “he’s bi like me” she replied
“Bi like you? So you swing both ways? Dude…that’s confusing”

I used to identify as a gay man. I figured gender roles and labels don’t really matter much in my generation–we millennials are fluid. I wrote a poem about this a few days ago.

Labels like straight and bi don’t matter anymore because people these days will sleep with whichever sex, whenever it becomes convenient. A self-identifying straight man will totally go down on a guy (and will find the experience just as pleasurable, or more so, and will feel totally OK about it in the end). That’s the scene these days, as reported. People are not used to this yet, and some may not even be aware of it at all, but there will come a time when “gender”–and all the trouble it implies–will become obsolete. Gender will have no use anymore as an identifier or a point of reference. Maybe the LGBTQI and the feminist movement won. Who can say?



Words and photography by Teegee Villanueva. July, 2016.


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