Facebook Detox: Day 1 of 100


“Do it if you wanna do it,” said B “but why put yourself through that though, that’s like self-denial on a totally Christian level, and you hardly ever go to Mass”
I chug my beer, still cold, “I kinda wanna live in the moment, stay in the moment while it lasts”

And then I was off Facebook. The updates stopped, the endless stream of pictures, the gossip, they all stopped. For a moment I felt at peace. I had only myself to look up to, myself to please, and my friends did not agree at all with my “coming to terms” sort of, my growing “self-awareness”. Whatever. They thought it was passe–that I was part of this “growing” movement of people who wanted to boycott Facebook because it was fashionable.
No…I love Facebook, but I just want to focus on what’s important: me. My happiness, something I neglect a lot only because I work thrice as hard, and put in more effort than most people I know.

It’s time to slow things a bit.



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