1. I’ll be in Bacolod to take pictures all weekend. It’s a trip I’m looking forward to; a totally new environment, a different culture, people, language. Dumaguete is my home and will be my home for quite some time but I tire of the place occasionally and long for some kind of escape; a release from its grip per se.
  2. I take photos of urban life, the squalor, people in the margins, the Filipino (or the foreigner) going about the tedium of daily life…Ultimately, I want my photographs to drive people to act, to inspire people to help. I don’t want to glamorize poverty, it’s a problem. And I go out of my way to show people that life in the Philippines isn’t that peachy for most. So are my followers on Instagram missing the point? I know people in the “first world” have the resources, the time, and much more, so what’s stopping you? This isn’t even about art anymore; there’s a place and time for that. And there is nothing “fabulous” about a group of children scurrying for food.
  3. And yeap, I write poetry too.

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Photography by Teegee Villanueva


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