Imelda Marcos


1. I have a boyfriend now. He’s 19. I’m 26. The dynamics of our relationship isn’t that unique (we talk all the time), and I feel like sometimes we’re just like other couples, but the guy is beyond awesome. There’s never a dull moment there.

2. Reading Nick Joaquin (writing as Quijano de Manila)’s Reportage on the Marcoses. Gives a glimpse into the glamorous world and milieu of Imelda Marcos et. al.. The book covers both Marcoses, the dictator and his wife, but Joaquin recounts the exploits of the latter more comprehensively. Some of the accounts are hilarious.

3. The Conjuring 2 was a vast improvement from the preceding film. It was scary (obviously), but it was scary in such that it was unsettling. The drab council flat, the London air, an angry demon and a poor child: a page straight off the Exorcist say critics but the film–those scenes involving possession–were executed so astutely, I thought they felt original.




Photographed during yesterday’s photowalk. Photography by Teegee Villanueva, 2016.

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