Apologies for the silence. I am still recovering from a string of recent (bipolar) episodes, which began in April and lasted throughout May. I’m well now. I assure you. And things should return to normal in due time.

I’m very busy with school, too. Papers left and right. I run the entire gamut–between political science and literature, and the two don’t always mix, perhaps because reason and heart aren’t always compatible. Political Science is a passion of mine–I love to study the way groups of people behave (yes, political science is a lot like social psychology, the two are linked I think; or, it’s psychology minus the useless psychoanalysis). I love to see how groups of people respond to certain situations, to stimuli when tested, etc.

And my studies have been fruitful at best.

I will return to you when I am free. If you want to follow me in real time, follow me on Instagram: @teegeev

Photography by Teegee Villanueva. All rights reserved.


One thought on “Apologies

  1. You have bipolar disorder, you musnt apologize for anything that the bipolar struggle causes. You dont owe anyone anything my Dear Friend. Please be well and hang in there.


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